Mount Eden Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 1991

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Spring 1994

People often ask what the difference is between this Cabernet and our Old Vine Reserve. Simply put they are both from our estate vineyards, same soil, clones, and climate. One is a twelve year old vineyard, the other forty years old. The wines are handled exactly the same in the cellar but they do exhibit differences. Typically the younger vine wine is brighter, fruitier, and more buoyant than the old vine wine. The yield is greater, albeit still tiny, than the old vine wine and therefore the price is lower.

1991 is a noteworthy year in that it was the latest on record for us. Classically, elongated years such as '91 yield wines of more nuance and complexity due to the extra time on the vine. The long cool season is evident in the forward cedar-currant aromas. One the palate light tannins support brisk black fruit flavors with added sage, anise, and curry highlights.

A youngster at present, expect two to four years of development and plateau of another five to eight years.



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