Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir 1989

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Fall 1992

Incredible aromas of frais du bois, tea, smoke and wood spice tell you that you are on to something special. Deep and juicy black cherry, cranberry, and raspberry fruit are embellished by hints of anise and pine.

From an extremely small vintage yielding only eight barrels or less than one-half ton per acre, this 1989 is totally unfined and unfiltered. Could this be what Burgundy was about when the Cistercian monks were doing it?



Tech Notes

Sorry, technical notes are not available for this vintage.


The Underground Wine Journal - November 1991

The 1989 Pinot Noir which was bottled in May of this year produced 200 cases and will be released in 1992. It is dark in color, with a deep bouquet of spicy and smoky cherries. This wine is rich, balanced and flavorful on the palate, with lots of delicious fruit, balanced tannins and a long finish. 18 Outstanding

Rating Scale for The Underground Wine Journal:

18-20 Outstanding

15-17 Very good

12-14 Good

Under 12 Below Average