Mount Eden Estate Old Vine Reserve Cabernet 1985

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Fall 1989

1985 was a magical year for red wines in California. The richness, the verve, the depth of flavor make this an exciting and enticing vintage, well worthy of considerable space in your cellar.

A relatively cool year in the Santa Cruz Mountains, ripeness was prolonged, allowing the berries to develop their full potential. Produced as always from our thirty-five year-old, non-irrigated vines, this wine was fermented slowly and aged in new French Bordelaise barrels for two years, then carefully bottled without filtration to preserve all the subtlety, nuance and texture that old vine deliver

The hallmark of this great vintage is its depth of character. Subsequent aging for seven to ten years should serve to enhance its complexity and suppleness.



Tech Notes

The grapes were picked at 23.8° brix, with a pH of 3.3 and 8.0 grams per liter titratable acidity. The finished wine has a pH of 3.42, titratable acidity of 6.9 grams per liter, and 13% alcohol.


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