Mount Eden Estate Old Vine Reserve Cabernet 1982

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Fall 1985

This is a somewhat lighter vintage for our Cabernet Sauvignon. It displays all of the typical anise-earthy spiciness of our old vines with an enticing buoyant fragrance and delicacy of body. This personality gives it a versatility and drinkability that one usually gets with our wines only after many years of bottling aging. Of course, the '82 is still youthful and needs years to develop its full potential.

The 1982 growing season was long and cool. Harvesting commenced on October 14th and ended on October 28th, just prior to torrential rains. Our traditional methodology ensued with twenty-five day fermentations followed by aging for twenty-two months in new Bordelaise barrels, and clarification achieved solely by means of careful racking and egg-white fining.



Tech Notes

The grapes were picked at 22.5° brix, with a pH of 3.4, and 9.5 grams per liter of titratable acidity. The finished wine has a pH of 3.3, a titratable acidity of 7.0 grams per liter, and 12% alcohol.


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