Mount Eden Estate Chardonnay 1975

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Spring 1977

A shy yield was the result of the 1975 Chardonnay harvest—and with it came grapes which produced a well-balanced, fruity wine.

Picked at 23.2° Brix and 0.77% total acid, the grapes were then crushed. The juice was allowed to gently settle overnight in stainless steel tanks. From there it was pumped to new Limousin oak barrels where is fermented slowly for three weeks at approximately 55°F ambient temperature. The wine was racked three times during its six month of barrel aging.

After one year of bottle aging, this Chardonnay is wonderfully spicy, has a balanced taste of oak and, of course, the characteristic flavor this is Mount Eden Chardonnay.



Tech Notes

Sorry, technical notes are not available for this vintage.


The Underground Wineletter - July 1988

There is some butterscotch to the perfumed, spicy nose of this medium yellow-colored wine. The creamy, rich, rounded, flavors are lovely, and have a light butteriness. This wine is beautifully balanced, with a long and lingering finish, and good acidity. A feminine,  balanced wine. 18 Outstanding

Rating Scale for The Underground Wineletter:

18-20 Outstanding

15-17 Very good

12-14 Good

Under 12 Below Average