Mount Eden Estate Old Vine Reserve Cabernet


Tech Notes

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Tasting Notes

Release Date: Fall 1992

Seeing our old Cabernet vineyards high atop Mount Eden struggling in the rocky, austere soils, producing very old-fashioned yields, on could be tempted to pull them out and start anew. When visitors hear about the arduous life of these old vines and ask why we have such tenacity, I always point to our aspirations to make profound wine and them pour them a taste. After sensing the unbelievable richness and complexity of our old vine blend, they get it.  Something this good is worth making sacrifices for. After all, in this day when we are surrounded by increasing amounts of newness and speed of light efficiency, this Cabernet, which epitomizes unique provenance, slow handcrafted process and long maturation in the bottle, is a beautiful anachronism.

The 1989 growing season produced a very aromatic wine full of plum, anise and cedar nuances. It has medium weight on the palate with restrained tannins and an aftertaste that lasts until the next sip. Stylistically the ’89 is similar to both the 1981 and the 1985. Full development can be expected by 1999 to 2005.



754 Cases


22020 Mount Eden Rd., Saratoga, CA 95070