Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir


Tech Notes

The grapes were harvested from September 22nd to October 9th at 23.7° brix, with a pH of 3.55, and 9.3 grams per liter titratable acidity. This wine was fermented for three weeks and them aged in new Burgundy barrels for 11 months. A light egg-white fining was performed before bottling. This wine was not filtered. The finished wine has a pH of 3.8, titratable acidity of 6.6 grams per liter, and 12.4% alcohol.

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Spring 1986

1983 was a special year for our Pinot Noir vineyard. Abundant winter and spring rains along with cool temperatures set back normal budbreak and vine development three weeks. The growing season was characterized by moderate temperatures and a damp, cool harvest period. Our fort-two year old dry-farmed vines, given their extremely low crop levels and light canopies, performed magnificently in these difficult years.

The ’83 is an opulent, generous vintage with irresistible cherry-anise aromas and a beautiful ruby hue. The flavors are rich and firm with a persistence one rarely finds. As usual, it is built to last, the keynote here being a harmony rather then a hierarchy of elements.

Whether you lay it down or drink it this year, you will be rewarded.



431 Cases


22020 Mount Eden Rd., Saratoga, CA 95070