Domaine Eden Pinot Noir


Tech Notes

Yield: 1.5 tons per acre

Harvest: September 9th

Numbers @ Harvest: 24.5° Brix, 3.11 pH, 8.7 grams acidity

Barrel Regimen: 100% French Burgundy

Bottling: September 2009; no fining or filtration

Alcohol: 15%


Tasting Notes

Release Date: Fall 2010

In late 2007 Mount Eden purchased a neighboring mountain top wine estate, formerly owned by Cinnabar Winery, which we christened Domaine Eden. Among the mosaic of vineyards were two acres of Pinot Noir planted in 1992. A super intelligently designed, high density planting with up to the minute clonal selections, this vineyard is truly “modern”.

We made our first wine in 2008 not knowing what to expect and it turned out just like the vineyard—truly modern. Aromas and flavors of fresh raspberry and mirabelle plum are buoyant and abundant. Excellent acidity buttresses the structure. A wonderful sense of hedonism dominates, which is what modern California Pinot Noir is all about.

This vintage is under the Mount Eden label with a vineyard designation of Domaine Eden stamped in the left hand corner. In subsequent years, this pinot will be released under the Domaine Eden brand. It is available only through BevMo and our Eden Enthusiast wine club.



195 Cases


22020 Mount Eden Rd., Saratoga, CA 95070