Mount Eden Estate Pinot Noir


Tech Notes

Yield: 2 tons per acre

Harvest: September 5th-9th

Numbers @ Harvest: 23.2 Brix, 3.65 pH, 6.6 grams acidity

Barrel Regimen: Burgundy 50% new

Bottling: September 2003 no fining or filtration;

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Winter/Spring 2006

Since my winemaking career started in 1981 there have been some great years for Pinot Noir worldwide: 1985, 1988, 1996, and 2002. What aligns the winegrowing stars to create this uniformity in California, Oregon and France I haven’t a clue…

The 2002 is bigger and fatter than most recent vintages, boasting a nose of great ripeness with aromas of plum, blueberry and black cherry. Deep, concentrated and powerful, it coats the mouth with soft red fruit in combination with our signature mountain terroir.

Luxurious and sensual, stand this wine up for a few days (I don’t know why but it works!) and pour it into a good Pinot Noir glass. You will be rewarded.



601 Cases


22020 Mount Eden Rd., Saratoga, CA 95070