Saratoga Cuvée Cabernet Savignon


Tech Notes

Yield: 2.1 tons per acre

Harvest: October 20th- November 3rd

Numbers @ Harvest: 22.0° Brix, 5.9 grams acidity, 3.40 pH

Barrel Regimen: 37 barrels total; Mix of French and American

Bottling: August 2002; no fining or filtration

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Spring 2003

Our larger home, the Santa Cruz Mountains, is the first and foremost mountain appellation in California.  In the history of California, wayward Frenchmen, weary and worn from seeking gold, came to settle in neighboring San Jose.  Their thirst for wine was ingrained and their instincts led them to these nearby mountains to plant wine grapes.  French varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon were among those chosen and by the end of the nineteenth century; the Santa Cruz Mountains was the largest premier region for fine wine production. Now in the twenty-first century many of my neighbors cultivate this noble variety, preserving our local heritage.

This is our second release of the “Cuveé Saratoga”.  We farm all the vines that go into this wine so you can expect the same authenticity as with our estate wines.  This blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc produces classic, racy aromas typical of our mountain range including currant, violet, anise and a touch of loamy earth.  Juicy but firm on the palate with a broad and penetrating finish this cabernet has terroir aplenty.

Drinkable now, but should continue to improve over the following 4-5 years.   A fantastic value in today’s Cabernet scene. Available exclusively at the winery.



784 Cases