Mount Eden Estate Chardonnay


Tech Notes

The grapes were picked at 24.0° brix, with a pH of 3.4, and 10 grams per liter titratable acidity. The finished wine has a pH of 3.47, titratable acidity of 7.5 grams per liter, and 13.5% alcohol.

Tasting Notes

Release Date: Fall 1985

People often ask me what makes our Estate Chardonnay so good. I tell this it is really quite simple. You just take a fine, low yielding clone of the grape variety, plant it in the thin austere soil at the top of Mount Eden, and wait thirty-five years.

The ’83 vintage was produced in our traditional manner: Gentle crushing and pressing, fermentation and aging in new Burgundian barrels, and a light polish filtration prior to bottling. The wine, is a brilliant green-gold, displays flavors of citrus and anise in its tight concentration. Given the history of Chardonnays from this vineyard, you may expect improvement int he bottle for four to five years and a drinking plateau for many years thereafter.



455 Cases