Edna Valley Chardonnay, MacGregor Vineyard


Tech Notes

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Tasting Notes

Release Date: SpringĀ  1996

The variability of fine wine from one year to the next is one thing that makes winemaking fun and challenging. For example, this ’94 is wholly different from all other nine previous wines from this vineyard.

The region’s coolness is, in large part, responsible for this consistent variation from vintage to vintage. MacGregor’s vineyard sits on the edge of viticultural feasibility and this, combined with mature vines, has again yielded uniqueness. Big body with big acid, two elements that are not typically simultaneous, are here in abundance. Telltale flavors of apple, pear, grapefruit and guava combine with toast from the barrel fermentation. Aged in the barrel nine months deep in our mountain cave, we feel this ’94 is another in a long line of successes from this special site.



5,152 Cases